Random Writings and Brainstorm Orphans (2/2017) fiction purge from iPhone

These are random things I’ve jotted down this past week or so. No rhyme or reason.

Patterns of stubborn frost on the cabin window formed an uncanny likeness of the barbed New York City skyline. Snowflakes lazily floated past the panes, a virtual apocalypse. I was mesmerized for a few moments and allowed my mind to drift, and just as my fragmented thoughts began to dance, they abruptly turned black. I remembered why I was here, in this quaint cabin, alone, hypnotized by snow and visions of New York. I was here for one purpose: vengeance.



The deeper you go the darker it gets: not true. It gets much darker in the other direction. I am not one man, I am ten thousand. The ghastly phantasms haunt me from their perch, painted grins and thighs, ever so perfect. On the days I must fool people into believing I am an extrovert, I eat only ham and olives. I stealthily sit in their company munching away, a member of the chess team amid a busload of jocks on their way to the playoffs. A thought occurs to me: dissipate the pain by letting it flow through you. My eyes dart to one side. I am safe. Hold onto something that is only yours.

And then this… I pulled the container of sliced ham from the fridge, and, as I pulled, a jar of olives fell and shattered. Silly as I was, I thought my folly was behind me. Just then, the ham itself attempted to leap from its container to its death, but I caught the sliced ham. Yes, with slick reflex, I caught the ham mid-flight. The olives are dead, but the ham lives on. I could not save them both.


Friend Request

I am filled with frightening things.

Then frighten me.

Demons escape from my mouth.

I shall name each one.

You will never understand.

I would hope not.

I am unpredictable.

What a bore life would be otherwise.

Darkness follows me.

I turn and mock its pace.

I do not want your pity.

I have none.

Why do you stay?

I have no better place.

That is truly sad.

I am filled with sad things.

Then sadden me.


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